Hi all!

In order to avoid any confusion or concern I thought it wise to post a thread about the request placed inside all clients Paxum Account Admins today.

When you login to your Paxum account, ALL CLIENTS will view the following message:

Our records indicate that your profile needs to be updated. Please submit

* Identity Documents Expiry Date

* Other documents may be required by our customer support representatives.
** Please note that your account remains active and can be used in full.
*** Your prompt attention to this request is appreciated and necessary to ensure full compliance with our Terms of Service.
Please be advised that we have never requested Expiration date before, but in order to maintain accurate records, and to avoid any confusion over submitted documents, we do need this information from you.

Please update your profile by providing this information as specified in your account admin. (Simply click the link you see when you login that says 'Identity Documents Expiry Date' and you'll be taken to the appropriate location to complete the update). NB: You do NOT need to reupload your ID for this request.

We value your business and appreciate your understanding of this important matter.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch directly, or post them here if you prefer.

Thanks everyone!!