***Sasha Grey in Anal Acrobats***

Sasha Grey in Anal Acrobats #01

Pre “Entourage” and pre retirement from porn, Sasha Grey really did it all.

This beauty and brains never had qualms about her sexual expressions even if she was
being judged and criticized at the Tyra Banks show for being a porn star.

Watch her perform her best in the very first of the many series of Anal Acrobats.
This is also “Buttman Magazine Choice.”

***Reminder: Important Notice for E-Wallet Payments***

At Gamma, we always strive to provide the fastest payouts possible. For over 15 years,
we have sent payouts twice a month within 1-3 business days after the end of each pay
period. This is much faster than the 15-30 day delay that most sponsors apply. Because
of the changing business tools that we all use and to minimize the risks for everyone, we
now must delay the payments done through E-Wallet solutions (Paxum and Payoneer) by a
few days. Rest assured that there is currently NO indication of imminent problems for
either Paxum, Payoneer or Gamma.

Starting with all payments due on April 15th and thereafter, we will send payments by
Paxum/Payoneer, within 5 to 7 business days following the payout due dates.

This means that the payments to Paxum/Payoneer from Gamma will now be sent a few
days later than you are currently used to. Again, we want to emphasize that this delay is
a change to allow us to minimize the risk of using E-Wallet solutions for everyone and we
believe that Gamma remains one of the fastest paying sponsor out there!

All payouts due by wire transfers or checks will continue to be sent within 2-3 business
days following the end of the pay period. Because we understand how delays in payments
can be a sensitive issue for everyone, we’ve decided to execute this change, whilst
providing proactive warning and a reasonable delay for the implementation.

Don't hesitate to contact Derrick or Veev if you have any questions!

For any questions or custom requests, contact Derrick derrick@famedollars.com