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    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with "" - we've purchased one of their themes and find out now that we're their first customer for this theme and it has bugs and issues with it.

    If anyone has used "" themes - which one is mobile responsive and contains no issues ?

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    For example , image below shows what they advertise and what was installed - though similar , they are very different , the theme on the website advertised shows a fixed layout while what was installed is something else...

    Wrong thread ?

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    I was mistaken above , the escort script I purchased was in beta but post purchase have been very helpful in fixing a few issues I encountered. They have many escort directory themes , the one I got was just released and I was their first user of it.

    For opening an escort directory - I recommend

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    Has anyone used both "HOTESCORT" and "ADULTWEBMAKER.COM" - for comparison's sake ?

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    The site has the script installed , after using the Wordpress escort theme and Flynax I would say this script is the most manageable. WP theme has all the functionality but lacks visual appeal , Flynax escort script has the visual appeal but requires way too much work post installation and misses out on several key features an escort directory should have. The adultwebmaker script both looks good and has most of the features one would need to run an escort directory , i'm trying to think of anything missing which adultwebmaker hasn't take care of - could load faster?

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    Sorry if this is a duplicate of content from another post , not sure I put it in the right area.

    We require a web developer for an escort script purchased from

    * Rel canonicals fixed
    * Hardcoded bad URL's need fixing (only 1 or 2)
    * etc

    Currently the files are "encrypted" so we need someone who can deal with this obstacle. We have sent a payment to a developers to fix these issues but have lost all that money due to the fact they couldn't edit the encrypted files.

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    Web developer required for the (adultwebmaker escort script).

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    I think this is being taken care of by Adultwebmaker by way of an invoice , in the interim is there anyone familiar with their code who I can pay to implement 6 changes?

    This forum may not be the best place to ask...

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