You can call it SCORELAND Remastered. You can call it SCORELAND Lite. We call it SCORELAND2.

After months and months of planning and preparation and video editing and code building, a new website has finally gone live. You should know that it’s also a labor of love for SCORE chief John Fox.

The new website is called SCORELAND2, but it could have been called “The Best of SCORELAND Remastered.” It consists of some of the greatest scenes culled from SCORELAND,, and many of our single-model sites, all brought together in one place. Solos, lots of hardcore and even SCORE legends. Photos and videos. It’s a labor of love because we hand-picked all of the scenes (and wrote all the copy based on our personal experiences with the girls). SCORELAND2 is like having access to the editors’ stash of go-to scenes.

$9.99 a month. $89.99 for a full year. Updated five days a week. That’s what the fuck.

Basically, if a customer is looking to jack to high-quality big-boob videos on the cheap, SCORELAND2 is the place.

SCORELAND2 is a big-boob website for people who, well, to be honest, couldn’t (or didn’t want to) cough up $29.99 a month for SCORELAND but wanted something better than…well, you know what.

Right now at SCORELAND2, Linsey Dawn McKenzie is fucking, and Janet Jade is fucking her pussy with a power drill and–GET THIS!–the entire DVD Angela White Finally Fucks (all one hour, 44 minutes of it) is streaming.

And it’s all only $9.99. As the great Alfred E. Neuman said, “Cheap!”

Affiliates, SCORELAND2 features the most-spectacular big-breasted girls in their hottest, sexiest (and even wildest) scenes, hand-selected by SCORELAND2's editors. Updated five days a week. It's like owning the editors' private stash of the best in big boobs.

Hundreds of galleries, video embeds, and banners have been added to the affiliate arsenal of promo tools.

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