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APRIL 3, 2013 – TARZANA, CA – Media outlets ranging from adultpublications XBIZ, AVN, and Fleshbot, to mainstream outlets such as EsquireMagazine,, NPR, MTV,, and more, were given aninside look of upcoming sci-fi feature “Saving Humanity” from Inaddition to top billed star James Deen (“The Canyons”), media interviewed AndySan Dimas (“Drive”), Celeste Star (“Revenge of the Petites”), Riley Reid, TaraLynn Foxx, Sativa Verte (“Revenge of the Petites”) and other cast members.

Some onlinepublications immediately sought out leading man Deen during their firstexperience on an adult entertainment set. “The film set is just as professional, efficient and hard working as anyother in Hollywood, if not more so,” quips writer Ele Boddie. “I walked away from the setcompletely blown-away by the way the adult entertainment industry works.” OfDeen, Boddie says, “Deen prides himself and those he has worked with on theirprofessionalism and efficiency, from the very beginning process of castingright down to being on set.”

MTV’sGuy Code also had insight to share about “the craziest stuffwe discovered on the set” of “Saving Humanity,” ranging from urban legendsto the perks of being on a film set, adult or otherwise.

Popular nerd blog lookedto gain more information on the technical and sci-fi aspects of the film byasking the cast to answer some video game and time travel questions, in linewith the story arc of the project. Nerdist regular SexNerdSandraqueried Deen on everything from robots and dildo packaging to masturbation,sexual orientation, and Deen’s mission statement.,home of “nerd news, humor, and self-loathing,” covered production aspects ofthe film, including the writing process, the difference between mainstream filmand adult productions (“Asked thedifference between union actors and adult stars, (director Harry Sparks) saysthe latter are easier to direct because ‘they have fewer hang-ups.’”)

“SavingHumanity” will seek a R-rating from the MPAA for the film, which will receivetheatrical, DVD, VOD, and cable distribution. owner Kim Nielsen plansto first release “Saving Humanity” as an R-rated movie, followed by aDirector’s Cut, which will include sex scenes.

XBIZ.comscribe Jared Rutter titled his on-the-set article, “Porn with a Message: SocialCommentary Fuels AMKingdom’s Ambitious ‘Saving Humanity.’” Rutter wrote, “Withone of the unlikeliest titles ever for a porn, AMKingdom’s ‘Saving Humanity’ isshaping up as the potential adult film of the year. Its 82-page script rocketsthrough four different eras, encompassing time travel, telekinesis, aspaceship, a glowing prehistoric monolith, a knockdown, drag-out catfight, asix-girl orgy, and hairy prehistoric women…’Saving Humanity’ is that rareanimal, a porn movie with a message: ‘That we’re losing our humanity.’”

Adult industry journal’sMark Kernes asked, “We also have to wonder what(conservative columnist Brent) Bozell would think of Deen'supcoming role in ‘Saving Humanity’as the evil ‘President Weinstein,’ leader of the evil Corporation, which rulesthe world in the year 2054, who's hell-bent on stopping Sara (Sinn Sage), ascientist from that year who travels back in time to the Prehistoric Era, 1958,and finally 2013 to recruit a team of gifted young women to help save the humanrace from extinction?”

“Many productions, whether mainstream or adult, shyaway from having the media get an inside peek,” says Nielsen. “They want tokeep as much under wraps until the film is released. We invited the media tovisit the set of ‘Saving Humanity’ because we have an immense sense of prideabout our project, and we think we’ve cast the most professional and giftedtalent in the industry.”

Nielsen continues, “By opening the doors tomainstream outlets, we’re able to shed some light on how our industry operates:in a professional, organized manner, just like any film production should. It’sa delight to see media help us break down myths about the adult industry.”

The originalfeature also stars adult performers Skin Diamond, Tara Lynn Foxx, CindyStarfall, Ana Foxxx, Anthony Rosano, Seth Dickens, and Beryl Aspen, plusnumerous extras.

Principalphotography on “Saving Humanity” resumes April 27-May 2 and May 4. Mediainterested in attending may request access at

“Weenjoyed having the media visit during our initial shooting days,” says Nielsen.“We’re looking forward to opening set to even more media at the end of themonth.”

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