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    Here are some of the names i own (all are for sale)

    Heres my problem i know with my names i should be making but im only making 15 ($30) a month. ive been thinking about buying a turnkey site and pointing all my names to it and promoting the shit out of it or signing up with Affiliates and pointing my names to them to earn more cash. What is the best thing i can do.

    PS as you can tell im pretty new to the business but have some kickass names

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    I am sure some of the superstars will chime in and give their experienced advice. For now I'll give you my 2 cents. I own a kickass name or two myself, but I am also learning to properly filter my traffic. Good name or bad, the name of the site itself is not going to generate the traffic you need to eat on a daily basis. How are you going to get traffic to these names so you can direct them to your turnkey site or another sponsor? How are you going to direct them to your sponsor or TK site. Can you guarantee your TK site will convert???????? Check out some the articles in the newbie section.

    Good luck


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    A good domain name nowadays doesn't mean what it used to. There are still plenty of good names available out there, and unless a website is fully developed and making money, IMO most domain names are only worth what someone will pay for them.

    I'm not familiar with how popular the suffix is, but looking at your list, you might be able to fetch triple digits for a few of those.

    Tola gave you good advice... read some articles and definitely check out some of the latest threads here on turnkeys.
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    sorry, but I have to be honest with you.

    I have heard many times and I also think myself that a website with a cool domain, but without content AND TRAFFIC is worth nothing.

    You can try to resell the domains and make some money. Or get some design, content and traffic work together, then you could start making more money

    I hope that is helpful,
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