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    I've read more bad stories about purchasing traffic than good, but I'm considering it to get things rolling with a new TGP that I am developing. I've never purchased content before, and I don't want to get ripped off. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    "I've read more bad stories about purchasing traffic than good"

    "I've never purchased content before"

    You've got me a little confused, but I'll guess the second line was a typo. ;)

    Before you begin feeding traffic to a TGP you'll want to make sure you have some trades set up and a script running that will skim some of your traffic to those trades. If not, you'll just be paying for traffic to come look at free content and and as soon as you stop paying for the traffic, it will disappear. You also, hopefully, are set up to accept webmaster submissions and have your recips ready.

    Once you begin to get traffic and keep it steady for a while by buying it, the traffic will begin to feed on itself. Most TGPs trade back at 150%, which means that if you send them 100, they'll send you back 150. If the productivity on your TGP is good (say 300%) and you skim 30%, in theory, you're traffic would grow daily. Having submitters put your recip on their galleries should help things grow too.

    * Productivity is the number of links on your page a visitor clicks on. If you're procuctivity is 300%, that means that on average, each visitor clicks on at least 3 of your links. With a 30% skim to the trades, that would result in 1 click going to a trade for every visitor that comes to your TGP. If you're buying traffic, that is very important to you.

    The best place to buy quality clicked traffic in my opinion is from Choker at

    Clicked traffic will cost you around $5 per 1000 so it's important to be ready to make use of it, cause it ain't exactly cheap.

    You've probably seen prices as low as $1 per 1000 from brokers, but that is for exit and 404 traffic, which would be worthless for your purposes.
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    You're awesome, hammer!
    Thanks for your help.

    And yes, that was a typo... I have to remember to tripple check things when it's late Sunday night after a rough weekend (bachelor party for a friend).

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    Hi im a newbie,

    Do you think that it will work to for a pay site?


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    Definitely not. Never send purchased traffic, whether it's exit traffic or clicked traffic, to a pay site.

    Think about it. If all anyone needed to do to make money was build a pay site and then go buy traffic, wouldn't everyone be rich?
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    thanks hammer.

    But if the person do that just the first week that is site is open, just to build a few "clientel"?


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    I think this the most productive traffic that you can buy for feeder traffic for a TGP. I haven't tried choker traffic before.

    Hunter who runs it is really cool. Quick with any email questions and such.

    Prices run for $6/1000 clicked. I think if you put a textlink on your TGP to his site, it goes down to $5/1000. i don't know if he's running that promo anymore tho Productivity on my TGPs were around 250% from his sites. good stuff.

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