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    Please review my new site

    I posted this over at Go Fuck Yourself and got some good advice - Hope some people can help me out here also - Its ok to be brutal - Id rather someone lead me in the right direction so I can make some money then to think my stuffs good and it sucks - Thanks

    Im looking for layout design, graphic, niche etc input - we are only using clips 4 sale and juicy ads for income right now so im not looking for that advice

    If you own a clips store like clips 4 sale - meaning where we can make some money - let us know we will load you up with some clips

    Heres the link

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    Hi, and welcome.

    The pros (which IM not) will probably be here soon for a better site review. It looks good. The only turn offs if see if towards the bottom of yoru index page there are about 3 or 4 picture links that are broken. Also in your preview video you have the HD player demo logo... get rid of it! lol. It sticks out more than watching the video.

    Also there is no physical address in your 2257 info, just an email address.

    Good stuff!

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    A few of your page links load pages without a navigation menu. Notable Gallery and Link. Might be a little tricky to do when dropping out of WP. Maybe clipboard a working page and make an image map out of the header graphics to click back into WP as needed. Just one idea.

    The 2257 statement needs to list the actual address that the records are physically located at as well as the individual assigned as the record keeper. You may provide an email address in addition to the required information but not in place of. You really have to take this part seriously because they can convict you for non-compliance. (getting it wrong)

    There is a broken image tag on the bottom.. webbrowser displays :
    <img src="

    Not a femdome fan per say, so the site look and feel might be better answered by someone else. As a niche site it certainly looks viable if you can produce enough content in the future that portrays "broken dolls" or the femdome ways. I like that in your video you talk to the dude as if he was a cheap slut as you jam the rubber in his mouth.. I think you got the appeal right, now to replicate it and grow the site on the niche.

    Good luck..
    veni vidi bibi

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